Cruise liners

Modern cruise liners are like floating cities, filled with all kinds of experiences. For maximum passenger comfort an omnichannel  platform is required to deliver content via touch screens, smartphones and digital signage.
Cruise liners
reasons to implement Tango Vision on a cruise liner
  • Getting comfortable speed. Interactive map allows the passengers to get to know the ship quickly and feel comfortable knowing that they will not get lost.
  • Non intrusive announcements. Lest of all the passengers want to be interrupted by audio announcements, so digital signage and touch interfaces can inform them of what's going on when they wish to know.
  • Demographic targeting. Showing advertising to the relevant viewers increases its conversion.
  • Manage people flows. IoT sensors combined with digital signage, can evenly distribute people for their maximum comfort.
  • Emergency announcements. If something urgent happens, you can push the announcement to all the screens with a few clicks.