Venues where the exhibitors change frequently need interactive navigation that can be easily updated. Tango Vision allows multiple templates with different layouts to be reused, to quickly prepare for the new exhibition.
reasons to implement Tango Vision in a museum or an expo
  • Map update speed. The map can be ready in a day.
  • Easy to edit. Online editor allows to make corrections in minutes.
  • Database of exhibitors. Every exhibitor gets a personal page and can edit their information and add promo-materials.
  • No more queues. Visitors can register and print badges with self service terminals. Video analytics can enforce strict attendance checks. 
  • Visitor awareness. Touch kiosks can answer all the frequently asked questions the visitors might have regarding the venue, the exhibitors and the events .
  • Feedback. Questionnaires allow the gathering of feedback to make the next event even better.
  • Emergency announcements. In case of any emergencies the screens will help direct the crowd.