About the platform


Stability, scalability and security are the three pillars upon which Tango Vision is being built. Highly automated, container-driven infrastructure allows for rapid recovery, automated scalability and unparalleled resilience. Pro-active security measures make sure that all data is kept safe at all times.

Content players

  • Offline first mode
  • One screen - one player
  • Content stored on the player
  • Web technologies
  • Hardware agnostic

Control centre

  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Fleet management: players, screens, kiosks, speakers and other IoT devices
  • Content management: advertising, catalogues, promotions, maps
  • Analytics
  • User management and access control


We use the latest web and mobile technologies, which gives us maximum development speed and flexibility. We use open-source technologies whenever possible and plan to open-source our platform in the future. 


  • Cloud native (Docker containers)
  • Cloud agnostic (Kubernetes orchestration)
  • Micro-service architecture (REST APIs)
  • Continuous delivery 


  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Cross-platform (open-source framework Electron)
  • Continuous improvement

P2P content sync

  • Local peer to peer media distribution (beta)


  • One computer can host a number of independent interfaces (players, kiosks)


  • WiFi analytics 
  • Video analytics
  • Heatmaps
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