Conferences & exhibitions

Conditional digital signage and personalized interactive interfaces allow conferences & exhibitions to offer their clients experiences tailored just for them.
Conferences & exhibitions
reasons to implement a digital twin at a bank
  • Effective Digital Signage management.

    Managing content across different branches becomes a breeze. A single control panel, with user access controls and moderation make sure only the authorized content gets displayed.

  • Lower client wait times.

    Clients can quickly receive information and services via self service kiosks as well as get e-tickets to electronic queue systems.

  • Improve corporate communications

    Interactive interfaces, dashboard and corporate television increase staff awareness and engagement.

  • Omnichanel feedback.

    Clients can give feedback via a touch interface or their mobile phone by using a location aware QR code.

  • A solid foundation for hyper-personalized experiences

    Interactive technologies combined with video analytics allow for hyper-personalized experiences to be easily implemented. The platform also allows for AR content to be easily connected to the map.