Shopping malls

The growing trend towards online shopping, forces shopping centers to evolve. Shopping experience has to be flawless, so the customers return again and again. 

Shopping malls
reasons to implement Tango Vision at the shopping mall
  • Shopping experience is improved and customer satisfaction grows.

    It becomes easier to find: restaurants, shops, specific goods and learn of promotions and sales. First time visitors never forget when you make them feel comfortable and welcome, they will surely tell their friends about the positive experience.

  • Sales grow.

    Fewer visitors leave without a purchase, because they couldn't find something or ran out of time. When the customers find what they need faster, they they use the spare time to eat or entertain themselves, creating more revenue.

  • Loyalty increases.

    Shoppers value their time and comfort above all and will return, if they are made welcome by effective navigation combined with all the sales and promotions information.

  • Increased profits from rent and advertising.

    Positive customer experience keeps the customers coming back. Steady flow of visitors increases the desire of shops owners to rent a space and from advertisers to place digital advertising.

  • Ability to gather rich visitor analytics.

    Understanding what the visitors are looking for and how they are moving around the mall lets the managers optimize online and offline navigation, making it even more visitor friendly.

  • Increased security.

    In emergency situations it's important for the navigation to be flawless to avoid any panic.

  • A solid foundation for new technologies is set.

    Interactive map combined with other technologies creates a foundation for a digital twin of the shopping mall to be created. Other technologies such as AR can leverage the map to create new kinds of interactive experiences in the future.

Frequently asked questions by Shopping Malls

What operating systems are supported?

Tango is cross platform and thus very flexible. We recommend using Ubuntu Server. 
It's a free operating system which uses resources very effectively and is very secure.

Why is indoor wayfinding essential for mid and large shopping malls?

Shopping mall visitors need actual and relevant information about all the shops located inside the shopping mall to feel fully informed and happy to make purchases

What kind of kiosks are supported for interactive navigation?

We are yet to find a kiosk which doesn't work with our players.

How long does a typical implementation take?

For the basic version, the implementation takes up to two months Map creation can take up to a month. During the second month we make final adjustments to interfaces and the content . Software installation on kiosks takes an hour for each.

How many visitors use an average kiosk per day?

One kiosk serves a few hundred people daily, helping them to find what they are looking for. Sessions are usually about a minute long.

How often are updates released?

We are continuously monitoring and analysing our kiosks, continuously improving stability and user responsiveness. Kiosks install new updates every time they launch.